Whiter Teeth for Smokers

white teethIt has always been a challenge for smokers to maintain white teeth. Using whitening toothpaste and teeth whitening kits are a couple methods that have some degree of effectiveness, but they don't work for everyone. And to put it bluntly, some people simply smoke so much that no amount of whitening products will make much of a difference.

The easiest way to get whiter teeth is simply to quit smoking, but this is not always feasible. Therefore, I would like to propose an alternative, which is to stop smoking and use e-cigarettes instead. This often works for many people, since their bodies are still getting the nicotine, which is the drug in tobacco that smokers crave. By getting nicotine, many people who start using e-cigarettes find that they no longer have a need to use regular cigarettes. Among the other benefits are the fact that e-cigarettes cost less, they are considered less harmful overall, they have a better scent, and of course, they allow you to have whiter teeth.

If you do any amount of research about e-cigarettes, you may find yourself feeling quite confused. That's because there are numerous different e-cigarette batteries and setups you can choose from. My advice for the beginner is to start simple. Instead of trying to understand everything about e-cig batteries, ohms, wattage, e-liquids, atomizers, etc., just buy a starter kit of a simple e-cig. My recommendation is something like the Halo G6 or Halo Triton starter kit, both of which you can get at a discount by using Halo E-cigarette coupon codes from E-cigbargains.com.

The reason I suggest you use a famous e-cig company like Halo is because I myself have had negative experiences with the cheaper batteries. You don't want your first experience with e-cigarettes to be a negative one, so it's best to get a high quality battery from a well-known company. The good news is that well-made e-cig batteries only cost a few dollars more than the cheaper ones, and you can get some nice discounts on them by purchasing them online and using coupon codes.